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  • DFR Technologies will rebrand the flying model rocket division as RSR - Real Space Rockets on January 1, 2015. Additional information  and on-line purchases will be available at www.realspacerockets.com

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DFR Technologies produces highly detailed, realistic, and affordable scale models of United States Government space-capable rockets. Our display models come in both pre-assembled and kit forms, We also manufacture flyable model rocket kits that can be purchased from one of our vendors.

DFR Technologies is located on Florida's Space Coast near Cocoa and Titusville, just miles away from where the real rockets blast off.

DFR will not be able to take any Display Model orders for the remainder of 2014, our backlog has exceeded our production capabilities at this time. We apologize for any inconvience. You can leave a model request by selecting the "Contact Us" link below. We will re-start display model production on January 5, 2015. New products will be introduced at that time at "www.realspacerockets.com".

Please note, the display models are hand assembled and built to order, generally within 2 to 3 weeks. On multiple model orders the shipment may take 4 weeks or more.

Many of our custom detailed parts are produced using a professional grade Stratasys 3D printer. We offer individual 3D printing services on a case-by-case basis. Our options include building ABS plastic parts directly from a *.stl file or import/creation of 3D graphics to build the parts. Our printing limitation is 6" H × 6" L × 8" W. Some parts can be built and later assembled if those dimensions are exceeded.

Custom laser cutting services were recently added to our site. We have a 60 watt CO2 laser with a 16 by 24 inch worktable. We can cut and engrave many materials. We have balsa, basswood and plywood in stock. We can order any material of interest provided it is suitable for the cutter's capability. Simple sketches or most drawing files and photographs for etching can be imported into our laser cutter software.


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